Trevor Stewart

  • Born: March 31, 1998
  • Died: October 25, 2010
  • Location: Metairie, Louisiana

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Tribute & Message From The Family


“Trevor Man My Bug”

MARCH 31, 1998 – OCTOBER 25, 2010

Trevor was laid to rest at home with his mom and dad holding him and Dr. McSweeney right beside him Monday evening October 25th at 7:50pm. He had suddenly become sick and was diagnosis with a rare stomach cancer only a couple weeks after his brother Bo passed. Trevor was born in New Orleans LA and lived in Metairie LA for the past 12 years. Trevor has 3 brothers; Sammy & Grayson 2 years old and his late brother Bo 14 years old. He was so very loved by his mother Aubrey Stewart, his father Tommy Fasola, Uncle Landon, Aunt Shon, and his grandparents Lynn & Rick Stewart.

There are so many memories and stories about Trevor to talk about that it’s hard to pick just one. The one thing that sticks out the most is how sweet Trevor was and he had a heart bigger than his 26 pound body. There was not one mean bone in that babies body, just a whole lot of love. Trevor never got mad, or had a bad day, he was so laid back and had more patience than any animal that I have ever seen or person for that matter. He was like a BIG giant teddy bear that would purr so loud and for such long periods of time that I called him my motor boat. He loved to love on everyone and have everyone love on him so much that it would scare me if he was ever outside and a stranger walked up to him he would roll over on his back with his paws in the air saying “rub my belly” and someone would scoop him up and take him because he was so sweet.

Trevor was never your typical house cat. He was an extraordinary feline that seemed to be in tune with everyone and everything going on around him. He was so intelligent. Smart… smart… smart! And he touched the lives of anyone that came in contact with him.

I will never have an answer for why Trevor got sick the way that he did in such a short period of time. I do know for as much as he loved people and life that he loved his brother Bo even more. They had a connection that was so strong and full of love. Trevor stayed by Bo’s side the whole time Bo was sick. He was always cleaning his ears, kissing his face, and snuggled right up to him every time they went to sleep. So my only answer that I have and believe is that Trevor needed to be with Bo not only in this world but the next one too. I believe that they are both in the rainbow; healthy, young, and together while they wait for their mom and dad to get there someday.

Trevor you are so very missed and loved. You will always and forever be in our hearts and never forgotten. I love you so much Bug. LOVE MOM

I also want to give a very special thank you to Trevor’s Veterinarian’s, Dr. Patrick McSweeney & Dr. Carol Carriere and everyone from Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital for all the love and care you gave Trevor over the past 12 years; especially Dr. McSweeney for coming to the house for Trevor when it was time. We will never forget you for the love and support you gave Trevor.

I also want to give a very special thank you to Trevor’s Oncologist Dr. Elizabeth Kergosien, Trevor’s surgeon’s Dr. David Kergosien & Dr. Kenneth Arceneaux, and all the Vet techs and hospital staff from the Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center that cared for Trevor. You all will never be forgotten and I’m so very great full for all the love and care you gave Trevor while he was there.

And to Heaven’s Pets, I want to give Jennifer Tuero Melius & Victoria Segreto a very special thank you. The love, care, and respect that you gave to Trevor and Bo will never be forgotten. You gave them a voice and a beautiful ending to their story. And now when someone reads their story their memory will live forever. Not only did you give them a beautiful ending; you gave them a beautiful beginning as they walk toward the rainbow. And for that you will always be in our hearts.

Condolence & Memory Journal

To the family and friends of Trevor, I love cats! It's sucks so much to see one as cute as this one go. Hopefully we'll see our pal Trevor in paradise!

Posted by C Perkins - Joneboro, GA - Friend   October 21, 2017


Rest in Heavenly Peace Sweet Angel Trevor. God's love and light will forever shine brightly upon beautiful Trevor. ❤

Posted by Joanne Picca - Spring Hill, FL   April 19, 2016


I never got to say goodbye my friend. R.I.P.

Posted by Tommy Esteve    March 07, 2012


My Dearest Trevor,
It's been over a year since you have passed. So I'm lighting a candle in memory of you and how much you are loved and very missed. I wait till the day I fianlly get to see you and Bo again and hold you both in my arms. I love you so very much, Always and Forever Love Mom.

Posted by Aubrey Stewart - Metairie, LA - Trevor's Mom   October 27, 2011


You were a cute, fat kitty. R.I.P.

Posted by Carolina Costa-Giomi - Stranger   May 08, 2011

I was just thinking about what a wonderful mom you were to both Trevor and Bo. The memories and photos that you shared with me truly warm my heart. Thank you for entrusting us with their care in the end and be comforted by the fact that we at Heaven's Pets took care of your babies with the same tenderness that was given to Mika and Chip. Take care . . . .

Posted by Jen Melius - Metairie, LA   January 22, 2011


My prayers are with you and your family and know that they waiting for you.

Posted by Caryn    December 21, 2010

A heart of gold stopped beating, two shining eyes at rest, God broke our hearts to prove, he only takes the best. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Ricky Reva - LA - Friend   November 13, 2010

Dearest Aubrey

Thinking of you

Love Granny

Posted by Carmen Stewart - Boise, ID - Granny   November 13, 2010

Life is never easy and as the old saying goes" God doesn't give us anymore than we can handle". I know that Trevor and Bo are like two stars in the sky shining down-one over Louisana and one over Idaho. Be strong daughter of mine-I know that you have the strength and fortitude to do just that.
Love You

Posted by Rick Stewart - Meridian, ID - grandpa   November 12, 2010

Angels And Wings for Trevor
When you feel sad,look up in the heavens and when you see a patch of blue, there is Trevor smiling down on you.
I was an orphan and you found me, and gave me a name,called me Trevor and took me home.
The love you gave me was so strong, I knew then I would never roam.
The night the angels came for me, oh how I felt all your love,so strong, so deep.
The same love I always felt in the years we were together.
Your loving care, tenderness and kindness,your laughter and tears will always be in my heart through all the years.
So now I say to you my wonderful family and friends, do not weep for we shall never be apart.
Now I have my wings of an angel and I will always be smiling down on you, through a patch of blue.
Love Grandma Lynn

Posted by Lynn Stewart (grandma) - Meridian, ID - Grandma   November 12, 2010

What would the sainted ghosts of Bo and Trevor say, "Thanks Mom, we both had great lives thanks to you."

Posted by Patrick and Beverly McSweeney - Metairie, LA - Veterinarian and friend   November 10, 2010

Trevor is without a doubt the kindest soul that could be found in anything...he was on this earth in the form of a cat, but really he was a clown. As humans we saw fur and whiskers but if you look hard you would see a big red nose and floppy shoes. How lucky for us that Trevor shared his love to all that he encountered and that we are better for it. Go be with brother Bo and know that we still feel the "clown" in you and that you are loved. Until we see you that goofy boy that you always have been. Love Aunt Shon

Posted by Shon Eddlemon - Meridian, ID - Trevors Aunt   November 10, 2010

For those of us that had the opportunity to know Trevor, it comes as no surprise that he knew his place was with his Brother Bo, and as much as he loved his mom, he looked at her towards the end and endearingly said," mom, you have to let me go, Bo is waiting and needs me. I will always love you mom and I will be sure to tell Bo how very much you miss him. Take comfort in knowing that we are both together again- don't worry mom, don't worry!

Posted by Guy Olano - Metairie, LA - friend   November 06, 2010