• DuShon Monique Brown Nov 30, 1968 - Mar 23, 2018

    DuShon Monique Brown, the actress best known for her recurring role on "Chicago Fire," died Friday, March 23, 2018, at St. James Olympia Field Hospital outside Chicago, according to the Associated Press. She was 49.

  • Wayne Huizenga Dec 29, 1937 - Mar 22, 2018

    Wayne Huizenga, a college dropout who built a business empire that included Blockbuster Entertainment, AutoNation and three professional sports franchises, died Friday, March 23, 2018, according to the Associated Press. He was 80.

  • Charles Lazarus Mar 22, 2018

    NEW YORK (AP) — Charles P. Lazarus, the World War II veteran who founded Toys R Us, has died at age 94, a week after the iconic chain he started six decades ago announced it will shut down its stores across the U.S.

  • Rita Owens Mar 21, 2018

    NEW YORK (AP) — Queen Latifah is mourning the death of her mother. In a statement, the singer and actress says Rita Owens died Wednesday after struggling with a heart condition for many years. The statement did not given her mother's age or say where the death occurred.

  • Frank Avruch Mar 20, 2018

    Frank Avruch, longtime Boston TV personality who starred as Bozo the Clown from 1959 to 1970, died Tuesday, March 20, 2018, at his home in Boston, according to The Associated Press. He was 89.

  • Larry Kwong Jun 17, 1923 - Mar 15, 2018

    Larry Kwong, the first player of Asian heritage to appear in an NHL game, has died at 94.

  • Millie Dunn Veasey Jan 31, 1918 - Mar 9, 2018

    Millie Dunn Veasey, believed to be one of the last African-American women to serve overseas during World War II, has died, according to the Associated Press. She was 100.